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Who We Are


“I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten my arms wrapped around this job without your kind assistance over the last few weeks. It is greatly appreciated."

Julian F.

"I have worked with porters on numerous projects and they are a rare company that brings both technical expertise and exceptional creative vision.”

Caitlin F.
Director Of Marketing

"Porter's provides comprehensive services for small businesses seeking to amplify their reach and increase e-commerce sales. Our experience with the firm spans many vital customer touchpoints including digital creative, ad execution on multiple platforms, email flows and metrics."

Charlotte A.
Sales & Marketing Leader

We get what it's like to have limited resources and how it feels to be pulled in a million different directions with no one to help.

We act as partners who are invested in growing your internal marketing operations and work alongside you to grow your brand, supporting you with flexible services and project management.

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Our team works remote. Since 2014, our goal was to create a company where everyone was free to live anywhere around the globe. The company was founded in Portland, Maine by Michael Campanaro but the original idea was conceived in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to the pandemic, remote work seemed totally unheard of. In 2020 after the pandemic hit and remote work became pretty normal, Porters was officially established.

Porters are experienced mountainiers that help others scale some of the highest mountains in the world. In most cases they will trek ahead and map out a plan as well as resrouces for the team they will be guiding. They are extremely experienced and help others scale to great heights. The metephor for who we are and how we work.

We find ourselves immersed in new industries constantly in what we do. We've worked with b2c and b2b brands from high-end home decor to national 3pl fullfilment centers. We've worked with companies that are starting from the ground up to those who have had wholesale and retail businesses for 15+ years. Our client diversity is a benefit to our clients since we bring a unique perspective to each company we work with.

What are your services?

We're a full service marketing consulting group that acts as an extension to your internal team. Whether you are a one person shop or have someone driving your marketing, our flexible team provides the resources and experience that you are lacking to scale your business in its current state.

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